Saturday 24 June 2017

John Simpson is depressed

Oh dear! What's Andrea Leadsom gone and done now?

Well, whatever it is John Simpson isn't very pleased with her, that's for sure! 


  1. Respect to Simpson for facing-up to his mental illness. Depression can be a killer and do I hope he seeks and gets the help he needs.

    A common trigger for depression is "cognitive dissonance", this occurs when you suddenly find that your actual life is not what you had been imagining. Simpson had imagined himself a fearless, free-wheeling intrepid investigative journalist working to create a world without war or borders. Then in a shocking, for him, few minutes his self image was shattered when a brutal UK politico intimated that he has in fact been working for the BRITISH Broadcasting Company all these years. Furthermore the BRITISH Broadcasting Company is a state-sponsored enterprise, insulated from commercial pressures by a state-enforced fee that is extracted from all BRITISH households, even those single mothers with 5 children living on benefits in easily burnt tower blocks.

    Good luck John, I really hope you can recover your mental faculties and one day again be optimistic about life (and BRITAIN).

  2. How many presenters of news and current affairs on BBC do so from a position other than soggy left internationalist, PC multiculturalist, pro-EU. Andrew Neil will soon be gone and then the answer will be none.

    That is the truly depressing, or rather terrifying future we face - a monolithic broadcasting presence that seems to cover Sky and ITV almost as much as the state funded BBC.

    The Conservatives have only themselves to blame by not reforming the BBC.

    That is the really terrifying

  3. According to John Simpson, to be patriotic is to back the views of the government.Funny, I always assumed it meant loving one's country and doing the best for the general good of its people.


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