Wednesday 7 June 2017

More news management

Here we go again. 

As detailed by Alan at Biased BBC, we're once more in that weird situation where the BBC is holding back from reporting details that many other media outlets (newspapers like the Daily MirrorDaily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Evening Standard, etc) have already reported.

The BBC News website has reported that a nursery worker has been subjected to a knife attack in London.

It hasn't, however, reported what all of those newspapers have been reporting: that the three "Asian" girls who carried out the attack are said to have chanted the name of "Allah" (and other "Allah"-related cries) as they did so.

Whether the BBC's caution in reporting such information is justified or not ('waiting for the full facts to come in'? 'maintaining social cohesion'?), there is no doubt that the BBC (as so often before) is engaging in very careful news management here. They are deliberately keeping parts of the story back from their readers.

(In fairness to the BBC, ITV are behaving in the same way too and the Sky website hasn't even reported the story). 


  1. Mmm...The same caution that makes them refer to terrorists as 'militants,' perhaps & has caused them to give air-time to Anjem Choudary and Adnan Qureshi!

  2. Women doing it now? Not a good sign.

  3. There are moves afoot on social media to confront the BBC with the consequences of its catch-all descriptor of 'Asian' to those not from the west but also not doing this kind of thing either.

    1. I hope they score a result with that. It must be maddening for most Asians, few of whom are 'Asian' in the way the BBC means.

    2. Indeed. Russians and Japanese and Chinese should object to being lumped in with a group of mass murders.

    3. The bizarre thing is the BBC itself uses it to mean but one, very small, group, and everyone knows it. And it serves their cause very poorly as a consequence.


  4. Further to this, watching the BBC news report last night, my suspicion and ire was raised by the rather obvious jump cut about 17 seconds into the interview with the nursery manager.

    Seems I wasn't alone either, as others have since highlighted it across social media.

    The (elsewhere) widely reported references to Allah and the Koran swept underneath the sanitising BBC carpet perhaps?

    Make your own mind up:



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