Saturday 24 June 2017

We know them so well

Also concerning last night's Newsnight...

When I saw that Chris Cook was going to give us his take on the UK economy's reaction to the Brexit vote I thought I'd quickly time his 'positive' bits and his 'negative' bits to see how well balanced they were, especially given that I always expect him to tilt things against Brexit. 

We had 24 seconds of 'positive bits' followed by 55 seconds of 'negative bits', which results in a 7:3 ratio in favour of negativity about Brexit. 


Update (21:30)Newsnight's former economics editor Paul Mason, who 'people like us' used to accuse of being a far-Leftist in the employ of the BBC, has, since leaving the BBC, turned out to be a far-Leftist.

As one of the baker's dozen of people who still watch Newsnight, I'm confidently expecting Newxnight's present policy editor Chris Cook to eventually desert the sinking ship and become Gina Miller's official spokesman.

Should I place a bet on that happening? Will I be able to retire on the proceeds?

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