Saturday 14 September 2019

Andrew Neil asks another question (of David Lammy MP)


  1. How thick is David Lammy? Very thick.

    I heard him on LBC today expostulating about the million pound gold toilet seat at Blenheim Palace - confirming in his mind the hideous nature of privilege in our benighted country and noting that Winston Churchill himself would have availed himself of this superfluous luxury toilet seat...I was rather surprised that I had never heard of this gold toilet seat that Winston Churchill used...only later did I discover from the news that it was actually part of an art installation, so that once again Lammy was firing blanks at the wrong target...he should have been criticising the hideous wastefulness and sense of entitlement of modern artists who produce such artefacts as gold toilet seats, many often the beneficiaries of state support, rather than our aristocracy.

  2. He really is an insufferable race bating bell end.


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