Wednesday 18 September 2019

Well, well

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  1. The R4 6 pm news covered the incident and, sounding somewhat doubtful, admitted that the man was a Labour activist.
    So is "Labour activist heckles Conservative PM" what normal people recognise as being newsworthy? Nope.
    The female Beeboid went on to editorialise the incident, as is the wont of BBC "reporters" - Boris liked being popular but now he's not haha, was the jist of it.
    Yes, this is the BBC's tactic now. Attack Boris at all opportunities and hope he cracks.
    I really can't listen to the BBC anymore.

    1. BBC Brexit coverage...key points:

      1. Get Boris. Doesn't matter how.

      2. Celebrate any legal case that goes against the Government.

      3. Ignore any legal case that finds the Government has acted lawfully.

      4. Ignore the Electoral Commission fining Remain campaigns for illegal acts.

      5. Never ever suggest that the EU is anything less than 100% effecient, prescient and effective.

  2. Whether knowingly or not, Bercow, Benn etc have created a channel for all the anti Conservative sentiments to be aired under the 'prevent no-deal' legislation. Most of this heckling has the odour of extreme left-wing Labour support. It's getting out of hand when the PM can no longer have his voice heard.

    1. If it was a Labour PM, such heckling would be redefined as a divisive "hate crime". As we saw with the egg attack on Corbyn compared with the similar attacks on Farage and Tommy Robinson, there is one law for Labour/Remainers and an entirely different law for everyone else.

    2. The Guardian's use of the phrase 'privileged pain' in respect of Davis Cameron shows the deep-rooted hatred by left-wing activists towards the Conservative Party regardless of fact or context. Brexit has little to do with it. The Guardian and the BBC are joined at the hip. This hatred leaches into the BBC coverage of this heckling. The activist is right, Boris is wrong and that's that. There's no depth to the reporting, just stirring.

  3. Mark Urban interviewing Jack Dromey...all the questions were easy balls.

    Why not ask him why the Labour Party is planning to have a rigged rerun of the Referendum that offers only a choice between Remain and an Abject Surrender Deal - Leave voters who wanted a clear break with the EU will have nothing to vote for. Either way, we will be tied to the EU in perpetuity. Why not ask him if for the rigged rerun they will reduce the voting age to 16 and allow EU nationals to vote - so as to pile up Remain votes. Why not challenge his nonsense about "compromise" - the whole basis of the Referendum was a clear choice.

  4. "Views solely personal"

    So, golden.


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