Tuesday 24 September 2019

I'm throwing my arms around Gina

I smell love in the air tonight on the BBC News website. 

It's so sweet. I hope they'll be very happy together. 


  1. "Her marriage to Mr Maguire, who stood for the anti-EU English Democrats in the 2010 election, did not last and they divorced in 2002."

    So was the act of standing for election in 2010 what caused Miller to get a divorce in 2002?

    Or is this just a poor attempt by the BBC to stick a label on someone?

  2. Remember that old song "Gina They Love You"? Here's a reminder:

    "I've been sitting here all day thinking
    Same old thing ten years away thinking
    When will Brexit come? Memories linger on
    Thoughts of when I had a vote...

    Computer games in our homes - exciting!
    Referenda votes were funny things, frightening!!
    Tweets and posts, and social media sites
    Give your views, set the world to rights
    Free speech, yes...all different things

    Gina, Gina you're lovely
    That's what the BBC thinks of you
    Gina, Gina you're lovely
    And Sky and ITV too!!!

    [But we don't...because we liked being asked our opinion for once. We know it's only history now but we won't forget...]


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