Sunday 22 September 2019


Via Pugnazious and his very fine comment at B-BBC, go (if you have the time) to just before 45 minutes into Emma Barnett's eponymous Radio 5 Live programme last Tuesday and take a listen. 

You'll hear her reading out various texts and emails from listeners on Brexit-related matters. She doesn't editorialise, just reads them out...until she comes to a text she didn't like:
"I was a Remainer, mainly out of fear", reads this message, "but after hearing Farage speak I joined the Brexit Party. So many facts are not reported by the BBC as it has a Remain/Project Fear agenda"...Yawn..."I advise people to go to Farage's speeches and seek out online the facts that the BBC silenced". Well, thank you very much for texting the BBC and for us reading it out.
As Pugnazious notes, she's with John Simpson there in finding listeners' and viewers' concerns about BBC bias "so bloody boring".

Pug sums things up perfectly: 
Emma Barnett this week showed the same disdain and contempt for any thought that the BBC should be held to account when a listener emailed in and mentioned the BBC’s failure to report Brexit and the corrupt Parliament, saying how biased the BBC was. Barnett’s response was to say ‘Yawn’…demonstrating her complete contempt for the listener and their view and showing clearly she has no interest in holding her own employer, and thus herself, to account.

It's really not a good look for BBC presenters to be so complacent about their audience's concerns or to be so bloody rude and patronising towards them. 

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  1. Here are a few things the BBC fails to address:

    1. Whilst we are told frequently by the BBC that even at the Norway-Sweden border there had to be hard border infrastructure, they never explain there are some 20-30 crossings between Norway and Sweden that are NOT subject to any hard border infrastructure. So the issue is how does the EU satisfy itself those crossings are not being abused. However, they do it, let us apply the Norway-Sweden solution to Northern Ireland.

    2. The Republic of Ireland is adamant it is not going to put any hard border infrastructure in place in Northern Ireland in the event of no deal. How does that square with the EU propaganda about the purpose of the "Backstop"?

    3. Why is the BBC so muted in admitting that the EU had retreated from its previous position that the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be amended?

    4. I haven't heard any comment from the BBC on Juncker's frank description of the EU as "an empire". If Boris Johnson said he wanted to turn the UK into an "empire" we'd never hear the end of it.

    The BBC sees everything through its EU Squeaky Clean glasses. With these it can detect any supposed fault in Brexit however small or improbable whilst seeing nothing amiss in the Empire of Juncker's dreams.


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