Friday 20 September 2019

What larks!

He's not always a jolly 'un, is he, our Jolyon? 

The barrister and anti-Brexit campaigner is presently particularly annoyed at the BBC (and Rob Burley):

He went on to reply to his own tweet and say:
Even those who do not need to pretend to hold a neutral position on Brexit - such as The Sun - are happy to acknowledge the contribution I have made. But not Rob Burley's BBC Politics, which rewrites history before your very eyes. 
Yes, the BBC cameraman shifting his camera during a live broadcast to focus on the SNP's Joanna Cherry as she was speaking, leaving only the top-right flank of Jolyon Maugham QC's body in view,  and BBC Politics then only tweeting a clip of one of Joanna Cherry's many contributions and not including the wise words of our Jolyon, surely is "an abuse of power" by the BBC, and Jolyon isn't overreacting in the slightest - despite what any sensible person might think.

The non-caped crusader went on:
This is - which Rob Burl and the BBC Press Office ignore - why their dominance of news matters. It creates fiefdoms of immense power that can be abused for improper ends.
Note to Rob

(a) Always personally stop BBC Politics twitter feeds from issuing short clips by watching them 24 hours a day and not sleeping and only broadcasting the whole eight minutes (or eighty minutes) of such things.

(b) Always instruct BBC camerapersons to keep Jolyon in shot when he's not speaking - or, even better, edit in a halo around Jolyon's head when he does speak.

Failure to follow either of these steps will mean that Jolyon's faithful #FBPE legions will pile on in and accuse you of "censorship" and "blacklisting" and being "very spiteful" and "the weirdest person ever" (and worse).


Incidentally, I checked back on TV Eyes to the very moment on the BBC News Channel that this scene of BBC perfidy originally occurred (rather than the wicked later tweet).

The BBC interrupted its own broadcast to go live to Ms Cherry and Mr Maugham QC and carried the whole thing (some eight minutes of it), broadcasting their every word. 

Mr Maugham spoke first and was fully in view alongside Ms Cherry. Ms Cherry spoke next and the camera shifted to her. Then it was back to Jolyon, in full view alongside Ms Cherry. And then Ms Cherry again, in full view alongside Jolyon (with no special focus). The press, including the BBC's Ben Brown, then asked questions of both of them, mainly showing both of them, though occasionally zooming in on Ms Cherry. And then it showed them leaving, with Mr Maugham's back end blocking our view of Ms Cherry (who led the way). 

Anyhow, there's one thing that can be said with confidence here: Jolyon Maugham QC certainly adds to the gaiety (and the misery) of the nation!


  1. There are among the legal profession those who go libel fishing. So I hope no one takes the juicy bait. Suffice to say, if he didn't want a Cherry on top he shouldn't have got into bed, metaphorically speaking, with such a garrulous and doughty defender of the inalienable human right of all Scots to hold forth (or even Fife).

  2. Never ceases to amaze the speed of response and extent of Rob's grovelling explanations to any noted lefty demanding fealty.


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