Saturday 21 September 2019

John Simpson's World

Which one is bow-legged, according to John Simpson?

John Simpson, the BBC's well-known and widely-admired World Affairs Editor, at the age of 75 has put in over fifty years of BBC service, has reported from dangerous places and witnessed countless moments of history, appears charming, famously liberated Kabul single-handed while dressed as Cherie Blair's sister, often gets confused in people's mind with Sir David Attenborough (who he informs us in one of his podcasts has bow-legs) and presently occupies one of the most highly prestigious of the BBC journalistic offices.

But what if he, great man as he is, also regularly disproves the idea of BBC impartiality? Is it disrespectful (or unpleasant), or "bloody boring" even, for us to point it out?

He, of course, maintains that criticisms of BBC impartiality are all complete bunkum - though he himself joined the elite pro-Remain battalions complaining that the BBC could have changed the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum by the BBC giving the benighted public "the facts". 

And now, as regular readers will know, he has a podcast of his own called John Simpson's World, where he and his ex-BBC producer chew the cud on various matters. 

The latest episode is called What's really happening in the US?

It's fascinating, and his ex-BBC producer will have you gasping. She's not shy of an opinion herself (and I bet you can guess what they are!).

Over the next few posts, you'll find my transcripts of choice extracts from his latest podcast. Enjoy!

You'll find his take on BBC bias especially interesting in the light of John Humphrys's criticisms of the BBC. They may be good friends, but their views could hardly be more sharply contrasted on the question. 

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  1. Would the "facts" about the EU have included the definite fact that the head of the EU Commission believes it is an empire that should rival other empires around the world? Somehow I doubt it.


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