Sunday 22 September 2019

It's Sunday again

This morning's Andrew Marr show featured an unannounced guest. 

Yes, - (irony alert!) and who at the BBC could possibly have seen it coming? - it was omnipresent 'Stop Brexit!' campaigner Steve Bray bellowing away outside the window and waving his EU flag. 

Indeed, he brayed so much during the Jeremy Corbyn interview that Andrew Marr might have well have been interviewing him.

As for Jeremy Corbyn himself, he positively radiated passive-aggression towards Mr Marr, and the whole interview was chilly to say the least.

And as for Twitter, well, it's the same old same old:
Shahil Parmar: BBC PRO-TORY BIAS IN A NUTSHELL: Tory Puppet Andrew Marr obviously doesn’t ask Jeremy Corbyn about any of Labour’s fantastic policies. Rob Burley (replying): As long as you don’t count Brexit and abolishing OFSTED. It’s not “pro-Tory bias” to ask him about the move to abolish the Deputy Leadership and to allow him to explain the current position on that.

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  1. Personally I prefer "ex Trot-Maoist" than "Tory puppet"...makes a lot more sense of his Andy-pandering to the Left.


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