Tuesday 30 June 2020

All fool's day

And I haven’t finished yet!
Camera has just posted a new article about the latest of the BBC’s grossly biased annexation related offerings.

Paul Adams presents us with an embarrassingly crass and one-sided view. In sanctioning this grossly selective version of events, the BBC must have abandoned all pretence of impartiality. It has given up. Is this its death throes?

To be specific:

Not a word about the way Jordan originally acquired the “Palestinian” land.

Not a word about the Arabs’ ongoing violence against Jewish Israelis from1948 to the present day.

 The only reference to Palestinian violence is as a predicted  the promised ‘threat’ in response to annexation - “fallout”

Not a word about the extra land allocated to the Palestinians in exchange for areas that are to gain Israeli sovereignty.

Not a word about Jewish presence Judea and Samaria, but “for centuries it’s been home to Palestinian Arabs, as many as three million of them today. And it’s long been seen by most people as the heart of a future Palestinian state.”

Most people! Most interpretations of international law! Land the Palestinians want for their state!

Not exactly facts, though, are they? Aspirations, at best, but is it really up to Paul Adams to present his personal prejudices on behalf of the BBC? It must be some kind of joke. Pinch, punch, first of the month or something. No, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it?

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