Sunday 7 June 2020

Beyond belief

The statue of Sir Winston Churchill was defaced today. Someone attempted to set the Union Jack alight at the Cenotaph, which has also been defaced. Unarmed police have been attacked again around Whitehall and Parliament. 

I saw all this on social media. 

Meanwhile the BBC continues to trot out that "largely peaceful" phrase as if it's a sacred mantra. (TV Eyes shows at least 15 uses of it on BBC One alone from BBC journalists).

And Sky is copying them.

And their reporters have been putting out reports that would have embarrassed Comical Ali (Tom Symonds and Chi Chi Izundu among them).

And the BBC have been caught cropping images to remove the thuggishness of a thug. And Sky have been caught showing a tiny clip captioned 'Police draw batons' from the widely-seen footage of the remarkable scenes around Whitehall where an unarmed, massively outnumbered group of people fended off a hostile mob, retreating, and sometimes appearing to run away. 

BBC and Sky News are effectively censoring the riots. 

If it weren’t for social media, how would be know what's actually happening?

A lot of people are, therefore, getting angry with the media tonight.


I spotted a new Twitter campaign this evening called Defund the BBC. It only started around 5pm. Just over 5 hours later it has around 20,000 followers - which is a lot in a short space of time. 

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