Thursday 26 December 2013

Local shop

So. The M & S thing turned out to be a molehill, not the mountain it was cracked up to be. The current ‘truth’ appears to be (at the time of writing) that one solitary devout Muslim checkout assistant refused to handle pork’n’booze, whereupon the management okayed their fundamental right to practice quaint cultural practices.

So. Not, as was recklessly disseminated in the media, M & S management dictating a policy of appeasement with all the unforeseen ramifications and counter-productivity entailed.   It seems that the group who most objected to this impracticable proposal were Muslims.

But should devout Muslims patronise M & S at all, let alone work there?  These leaflets were handed out by an angry little mob picketing the brand new flagship M & S in Manchester city centre following the massive IRA blast that flattened the area around Manchester Cathedral.

Lovely, is it not, with its decorative Al Dura images and list of dodgy facts. Sorry for bleeding into the sidebar. More on this topic here.

So why, prey, are traitorous Muslims working for Zionists??

Don’t they know that M & S is a Jewish shop, for Jewish people?  This is a kosher shop; the strangers you would bring would not understand us, our customs
We’ll have no trouble here in Royston Oy vehzey.


  1. "So why, prey, are traitorous Muslims working for Zionists??"

    A pertinent question, but, sadly, an all too old one. In the old days any Gulf Arabs or Saudis visiting London would make a beeline for the M&S stores in and around the Edgware Road, despite what I believe was a boycott (semi-official or otherwise) - and this when M&S goods still bore the St Michael label, which I'm sure would have gone down a storm in Saudi... in any case, I imagine there would have been a frenzy of label removing before the return trip.

    The stench of hypocrisy then, as now, is overpowering.

  2. The York m&s for years has had anti-Israel demonstrators handing out leaflets outside its Piccadilly store, but this year it was lovely to note their absence.


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