Saturday 28 December 2013

The Tsar speaks

Apropos of nothing (as someone - can't remember who - used to say)...

There's a news headline sitting on the My Blog List panel at the right-hand side of our blog at this very moment which calls out to be drawn attention to:

How times change! The Tsar turns out to be more liberal than Putin.

As I say, 'apropos of nothing'.


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  2. This Dame Atkinson was imposed as Childrens Commissioner(do remind of how we managed to get one of THOSE will you?) by Ed Balls-against the will of Parliament-in the dying dog days of the Dung Ministry of Labour 2009/10.
    Her views on the Bulger case were a disgrace-and she should not be allowed to forget what she said about the Bulgers, and her schmoozing of Venables, Thompson and any other living lilypad of her career steppings.
    This woman is Shoesmith with extra nerve...Harman without privileges-Toynbee without any pampered kids to fly out to prep in Tuscany.
    Hence-no surprise-exactly the kind of woman the BBC requires to advocate for children...unless it`s Islamic FGM, sex-grooming gangs of white girls in care etc. No wonder the Guardian and the BBC love her so...Savile did less damage to children , certainly so by the time this sow gets her pensions!


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