Saturday 16 July 2016

A poll

Here's a brand new ComRes poll (for what such polls are worth) which might just give those pushing for a second (EU) referendum cause to pause and reflect (as if!):

One for Newsnight and others at the BBC there (as if!)

And there's more (which might be more to the BBC's taste):


  1. The BBC are rarely troubled by public opinion. Their job as they it is to make public opinion not reflect it.

  2. I guess the BBC won't be pushing for a general election any time soon.

  3. Has this been on the Beeb? I ask because the guardian story about the city fund manager stating that Brexit will be a disaster is now a headline main page story. Usual bias by omission / inclusion of things that help the desired narrative.

    I think the majority of the U.K. Now see the Beeb as the way the Germans must have seen their media at the end of the Second World War they know it's all bollocks and have a good laugh about it with those they trust.

  4. The BBC is dominated by the Jewish/Zionist agenda, multicultural,anti Christian anti white,pro immigration,so called liberal but pro Israeli apartheid it's a disgrace


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