Saturday 2 July 2016

Don't worry, be happy!

BBC Breakfast had Frederika Roberts, a smiling "happiness and resilience expert", on this morning's show to help counter what it clearly thinks in a depressed national mood. 

Naga Munchetty wondered, "With all this uncertainty, how do we put a smile back on our faces?"

Presenter Jon Kay welcomed Frederika by saying, "I think the Wales result last night has put a smile back on people's faces, hasn't it? It's been a heck of a ten days or so, hasn't it, whatever your politics? How do we gee ourselves up?" 

Frederika admitted to "ranting" on social media in recent days, but thinks "in the long run it's probably not a helpful thing to do". 
Frederika Roberts: One of the things - no matter which side of the divide you were on in the past week or so - what has been lovely to see is that amongst all the negativity there's also been amazing reports of people doing random acts of kindness. 
Jon Kay: Yeah. We asked viewers actually to send us in pictures this morning, show us the kind of...the little things that have been a difference, made them smile. 
Naga thanked her for "helping us figure out how to cheer ourselves up".

Whether Naga, Jon and Frederika were worrying about the national mood or just 48% of the national mood is a moot question.

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  1. Judge Dredd next? If he applied his system to transgressors of the BBC Charter and its opt-in, opt-out optional Guidelines there would be few left standing.


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