Sunday 3 July 2016

Continuing Project Fear?

He looks in detail at Thursday's Today programme and I'd urge you to read his post.

Where BBC reporter Tom Fielden went on Today, BBC reporter Pallab Ghosh also went on the BBC News website: What future for post-Brexit UK science?

Pallab's piece begins with a bold statement:

He's not quoting anyone there. That's his own take. 

The rest of his article features other voices, including Scientists for Britain, but that kind of 'balancing' is surely rather redundant once you (as a BBC journalist) have firmly ruled for one side of the argument in your very opening paragraph. 


  1. Brexit Bashing Corporation.

  2. Probably true though, as the UK has the lion's share of top-ranked universities (8/10 top European for geology are British, 3/10 for physics, at least 4/10 for chemistry, 5/10 for biology according to QS) so it stands to reason we would do better overall in research funds...


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