Saturday 23 July 2016

'PM' on Munich

Here's a set of short transcriptions showing how tonight's PM framed the latest on the Munich massacre for BBC Radio 4 listeners. 

The headline was:
The man who killed 10 people at a shopping centre in Munich was German-born with no apparent link to terrorism. Most of his victims were foreign-born teenagers.
The newsreader said:
Police in Munich say the teenage gunman who shot dead 9 people last night had researched previous mass killings. The attacker, named by local media as David Ali Sonboly, had no links to Islamist extremism. 27 people were injured when he began shooting in and around a shopping centre. 10 are in critical condition. Investigators are checking whether he hacked a Facebook page to lure his victims to McDonald's with the promise of a free meal. Bethany Bell sent this report from Munich.
Bethany Bell's report said:
The 18 year old student appears to have been obsessed with mass shootings. German police say they found no links to international terrorism but when they searched his flat they found books and papers about mass killings. They are investigating parallels with the far-right Norwegian killer Anders Breivik. The gunman had a Glock pistol and was carrying more than 300 bullets. Several of those he killed were teenagers. A 13 year old boy is in a critical condition. Relatives and friends have been visiting the site in bitter distress. 


  1. AS ever the BBC care only to cover the arses of Islamic State.
    It is NO consolation to those who`ve lost loved ones that the murderer was not IS.
    He was a Muslim with a gun was he not?
    And how the heck did he get one in Germany, unless he was motivated by a faith-or mental illness featuring Paradise as a prize for it Islam shall we?
    He may be Shia as opposed to Sunni-but he`s THAT should be our starting point, as per in all these cases.
    Trust the BBC to leave the "Ali" bit out of his name...why so Beeb, you shills for Islam?

  2. Filched from the "other" site.

    1. That's very interesting. I really don't know what to make of it though. If that's really the same "Ali Sonboly", it's one heck of a scoop for that particular blog. My sceptical alarm bells are ringing though.

      Everything about this is ringing my sceptical alarm bells. I don't think I've felt so sceptical about the reporting of a news story for a long time.

    2. I see that some commenters at our (step-)sister site are just as sceptical about that Shoebat post.

      That said, I'm very dubious about the German police's take on this, and the BBC's take on it has only made me even more sceptical.

    3. It's true Wali Shoebat isn't entirely reliable but then are the German Police to be trusted after the way they behaved following the horrendous attacks on New Year's Eve in Cologne?

      Migrants often claim false nationalities when seeking asylum. The train attacker who claimed to be Afghan has been said to be Pakistani.

      If someone from a Turkish clan in Syria thought they could get into Germany quicker by claiming to be Iranian they would have no compunction in doing so if that was their aim.

  3. That's just it though - I dont believe a word from our impartial national BBC anymore and await confirmation from other websites/sources. I'm sure I'm not alone either.

    1. You're definitely not alone. I am old enough to remember when the BBC was reliable in reporting events in Eastern Europe. They were very much pro-democracy. Now - I wouldn't trust any BBC report on anything at all (literally) until I've had it confirmed from several directions.


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