Sunday 3 July 2016

Birnam Wood comes to a BBC studio

Andrew Marr: "My voice is in my sword; thou bloodier villain than terms can give out"

A reporter from Buzzfeed did and then tweeted, "I can't remember a more brutal Marr interview. #Gove".

I can't remember a more brutal one either.

Looking at the immediate reaction, admirers of Mr. Gove were appalled while enemies (and former admirers) of Mr. Gove were delighted. 

There have been lots of unkind references in recent days to Mr. Gove being Macbeth, with his wife Sarah cast as Lady Macbeth, Boris as Banquo and David Cameron as King Duncan. 

Well, Andrew Marr seemed to be playing the part of Macduff this morning. His opening words to Mr. Gove could have been, "Turn, hell-hound, turn" and, after the plug for Sunday Morning Live, he might very well have re-entered with Macgove's head.

Of course, the maddest cybernats and Corbynistas weren't having any of it. Here's one example of their kind of tweet this morning: 
Gove getting loads of time to spout his propaganda.  But McCluskey got a load of hassle   #Marr
Anyone watching that interview who still thinks Michael Gove got "loads of time to spout his propaganda" needs to seriously stop smoking whatever they've been smoking. 

This was a sustained assault on Mr. Gove's character and judgement by Andrew Marr and Andrew reacted to Mr. Gove's justifications with expressions of deep scepticism. Very little time was spent on Michael Gove's policy platform.

This counterblast to the usual Twitter crowd says it all:
If Marr had just grilled Corbyn like he did Gove, there'd be 100 petitions for his (Marr's) resignation by now complaining of BBC bias #marr


  1. True! Fun, though, wasn't it?

  2. Complaints From Both Sides. Marr's questions to McCluskey were basic challenges, but the questions to Gove were far out, almost opposition talking points. Plus the personal attacks, which Marr wouldn't do to a Leftoid.

  3. What utter nonsense from Andrew Neil and his panel about how Gove is a destroyer, having dispatched Cameron and Osborne, and now Johnson. Cameron and Osborne did themselves in. Gove is the least responsible for their finish. I don't recall anyone giving Gove top credit for winning the referendum. It was all Boris or racism, depending on which side you're on. But now Gove is personally responsible for Cameron resigning and, by extension, the end of Osborne's chances? Pretty pathetic, especially from Neil.

    So now everyone thinks May should be PM and @#$% the voters and keep the country in the EU. That's essentially what she said on Peston's show what needed to happen. Even Isabel Oakeshott seems to approve.

    Liam Fox is past his sell-by date. He talks like someone clinging on desperately to public acceptance.


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