Saturday 2 July 2016

Not everything has changed...

Samira Ahmed's opening questions on this week's Newswatch were: 
Has the BBC's response to the Brexit vote been unfairly dominated by 'doom and gloom' views about its possible negative consequences? And have those who voted to leave the European Union been stereotyped as as 'old, ill-educated racists'?
The featured complainants argued that the BBC has given "constant coverage" of "people who wanted to remain" and "the worries and negative spin being generated at this point"; that there's "a reluctance to speak about the positive aspects of that decision"; that there's a focus on "hand-wringing" and "what went wrong"; and that the BBC has "created divisions" by promoting negative views of Leave voters and by "making a beeline for those who appear ill-educated and/or racist".

And how did the invited BBC suit, Jonathan Munro, BBC's Head of Newsgathering, respond to these charges? 

I bet you can guess.

He didn't accept any of the criticisms. His line was: The BBC has got it about right and those complainants are simply wrong.

Twas ever so.

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