Friday 1 September 2017

A wonderful occasion

If you haven’t followed the latest link in our sidebar to Daphne Anson's blog, here for your edification is Theresa May’s Eid message. I think we posted Jeremy Corbyn’s last year. 
This is even worse, mainly (but not only) because of who’s delivering it. We know why Jeremy Corbyn would do it, aside from the obvious vote-gathering potential, he probably actually meant it. 

Maybe all Prime Ministers have to do it these days, but do we really want or need our Prime Minister to aim such fawning, grovelling obsequiousness at what is still a minority community? Perhaps she’s trying to ‘set a good example’ to any uncommitted Islamophobes, hoping to head off the disquiet that she can probably hear faintly rumbling in the background. Community cohesion and so on.
Perhaps her advisers have advised her to wrest the Muslim vote from Labour. 

Whatever’s behind it, Theresa May looks as though she’s doing it at the point of a loaded gun. How else to explain the tortured delivery? Have you ever seen such prissy enunciation? As for the content of the message, does she really mean it? I truly despair.


  1. Absolutely nauseating performance - not for nothing is she known as 'Theresa the Appeaser!' Sisyphus

  2. Nobody thinks doing this will gain her Muslim votes. Theresa May is doing this to avoid the media backlash if she doesn't.

  3. Ellie Fant-Indaroom1 September 2017 at 20:54

    Trampling the corn in a field is one thing Theresa - deceiving your own people about the nature of a serious threat to their future safety, prosperity, freedom and that really is "naughty". She looks like she knows she's lying her head off.

  4. The worst bit is about 1:10 where she emotes, without irony, about those who will be marking the festival around the world in "places of conflict and insecurity". Yup that'll be Manchester, London Bridge, Brussels, Paris ...

    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom1 September 2017 at 23:50

      ...Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona...

  5. Mehdi Hasan has hit twitter spitting bullets that Donald Trump has not uttered one word in greeting to him and his fellow Americans.

    Not one word.

    Not even 'cattle'.

  6. Isn't this an annual event? She did one last year. It's probably on youtube. I expect it's not much different in tone. And if I'm not mistaken she did another one earlier this year for some other event or whatever, called Eid.


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