Saturday 23 September 2017


"According to recent polling, if a referendum were held today Britain would vote to stay in", Anita Anand told us on Any Answers today

And she didn't fail to repeat the point either. 

How much recent polling has shown that or whether (as I suspect after Googling around) it's actually just that one single BMG poll for the Independent (showing 52% for Remain, 48% for Leave) I can't say for sure but, regardless, our Anita was certainly making the most of that 'recent polling' today.


  1. This sounds like a triumphant BBC gloating because they think that the date for a full and effective Brexit can be delayed indefinitely, and that the Remain minority can at last get their own way. As Nigel Farage said yesterday, it's two fingers up to the majority of the electorate.

  2. Fake news from AA. You can easily get an answer like that through lead-in questions which the polling companies aren't obliged to publish e.g. "Do you agree that there has been a rise in hate crime since the Brexit vote?" "Are you personally better off since the Brexit vote" "Do you think Boris Johnson is a serious politician?" "Do you agree the UK is more divided now after the Brexit vote?" Use questions like that which echo BBC/MSM propaganda and you will push waverers to express regret.


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