Sunday 17 September 2017

Sunday Morning Live

In other Sunday morning-related news, Sunday Morning Live had a very odd discussion on the question, 'Is religion dying out in Britain?' It was odd because there were 5 religious people on the panel (or on the video screen) who think it isn't and just one humanist who thinks it is. 

You can usually tell who's putting the 'unpopular' view on a BBC programme like this though, even when the panels are balanced. They tend to get challenged more by the presenter. Here the chap who thinks drinking alcohol is far less harmful than some people claim found himself on the receiving end of Sean Fletcher's sharpest challenges and, later, Kathy Gyngell of The Conservative Woman got the full interruption treatment from young Sean for espousing socially conservative views on the family. She also endured Sean telling her that people on Twitter will be thinking, "You are from another era", as they heard her views. (Charming!)


  1. It's funny how despite the fact that out of the 7 billion people on the planet, probably 6 billion (think of what your average Chinese, Indian, Muslim, or African person thinks about gay rights for instance) are very socially conservative, that counts for nothing in the Beeboid mind. Six billion wrong people can't be right and so they have no standing in the current era.

  2. Religion isn't going to be dying out for very long if Muslims continue to be the number one population increase in Britain.


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