Saturday 23 September 2017

Where has JonDon gone?

Regular readers of this blog will, perhaps, be interested in the latest Jon Donnison news. 

I just heard him on PM reporting on the Uber story.

Yes, the great man has abandoned his beloved Gazan shore and his far-from-beloved Australian shore and been posted back to Blighty. 

I'm sure he'll be his usual 'impartial' self in London (and, yes, that's sarcasm). 


  1. It would be interesting if Newswatch or someone analysed how often some of these reporters actually file stories. I am getting the impression many of them average maybe one story a month, but they are probably clearing £100k a year, minimum (leaving plenty of other time for extracurricular work e.g. book writing, speaking engagements and so on). ITV seems to work its staff a lot harder.

    1. He appears to tweet a lot.

      About what, I cannot say, as I appear to be blocked.

      Odd, given he uses a public funded acronym in his Twitter handle.

      Maybe he is worried some views he owns are open to question?


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