Thursday 28 September 2017

Damned statistics

I knew I’d seen that image somewhere before.  Oh yes, here it is. (And here is a QT spreadsheet:)

Statistics are one thing; how they’re interpreted is another.  Julia H-B said she was fed up with being the only Brexiteer in the Q.T. village “most of the time”.

Guido says Julia H-B is right, and so does Craig, but not about “always being the sole Leaver on Q.T. panels”. 
Craig has found that she has been the sole Leaver only once, but she was correct in saying Remainers have dominated QT panels.

And Dimbles was wrong about Nigel Farage: “Every time you've been on this programme you've been with Nigel Farage as far as I can see.”  No. Julia H-B has never been on the panel with Nige.

I just thought I’d mention it.


  1. The Chairman on both QT and Any Questions has to be counted as a Remainiac, which will affect the stats. Both Dimblebys are from a long standing Liberal family and the Lib Dems are the most remainiac of all the parties.

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  3. Why is she on question time so frequently anyway?

    What is her God-given right?

  4. Good question, why does the BBC have an approved list of left and right panellist that get on everything? It's hardly representative if you just show the same people all the time.

    I'm just that happy to see the occasional person I find more agreeable I've never wondered why they are accepted and others aren't.

    1. It's a good question. I think with BBC, as with everything they do, it's not down to chance. When it comes to the "right" they like people such as Peter Hitchens (old fashioned 1950s family values) and Mogg (Lord Snooty) who they feel won't connect with the public. Roger Scruton used to be a popular choice for the BBC but they probably found his clear thinking a bit too much. Juliet Hartley-Brewer for all her pluses is vehemently anti-Trump, so that probably helps. If she were strongly pro-Trump would she get invited back so much? Hmmm...not sure.

      When it comes to the more extreme Left, they like to choose people who appear a bit "cool" and will they hope connect with the public, particularly the Yoof.


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