Saturday 16 September 2017


A friendly fire incident occurred yesterday on Twitter between the BBC's World Affairs Editor and the BBC's Silicon Valley reporter following the Parsons Green terrorist attack:

That didn't go down too well with the irascible John Simpson:


  1. "till this stupid fashion passes"

    Wow, just how out of touch do you need to be to work at the BBC?

    This "fashion" has been ongoing for 1400+ years. We just get to enjoy it on our shores like never before thanks to open borders and ease of travel.

    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom16 September 2017 at 22:54

      Unknown - So true! I used to respect John Simpson's judgement on things...but now I wonder was I deluded or is he now senile. How could anyone with any claim to judgement use that phrase " till this stupid fashion passes". If it's a fashion it's a line that start way back with the Koran and the command to strike the unbelievers in the neck.


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