Sunday 3 September 2017


The would-be Today complaint is classic 'complaints from both sides' territory.

Of course, Today is far from being pro-Brexit, and that's why this is such a classic instance of the fallacy of the 'complaints from both sides' argument. 

Lord Adonis is talking nonsense about Today. The evidence runs in completely the opposite direction. His complaint, therefore, has no credibility because it has no substance behind it. The complaints from the likes of News-watch, on the other hand, have credibility because they have plenty of substance behind them. 

Of course, he may have a point about Andrew Neil on Twitter (though not about his TV programmes). But if we start sacking BBC presenters because of their expressions of opinion on Twitter we'd lose a heck of a lot of BBC presenters. And if you add BBC reporters too then the BBC would be half-empty by the time the Andrew Adonises of this world had finally completed their purge. 

Just think about it: No more Jon Sopel, Hugh Sykes, Katty Kay, Jeremy Bowen, Mishal Husain, John Simpson, Nick Byrant, Samira Ahmed, Nick Robinson, Paul Danahar, James O'Brien, John Sweeney, Kim Ghattas, etc, etc, etc.....

.....Hmm, come to think of it, maybe Lord Adonis has a point after all? Let the purge begin!


  1. Lord Adonis - doesn't have the body of an Adonis...does have the mind of a doughnut.

  2. Just cynical Remain politics from Adonis.

    He knows full well the BBC is anti-Brexit. Just helping it establish the "complaints from both sides" alibi.

    1. And indeed why shouldn't AN be pro-Brexit? The people voted in favour explicitly in the Referendum, the HoC voted for Article 50 and the people voted for it again in the GE. It is UK Government policy and we are in a tense negotiation with EU bureaucrats and 27 other nations. But for Adonis being pro-Brexit at the state broadcaster is a sacking offence.

      How more detached from democracy can Adonis get?

  3. Left-wing Tweets GOOD,
    centre & right-wing Tweets BAD - Simples!

  4. Adonis's opinions as stated here could carry weight if they were backed by research. Instead they appear to be evidence that Adonis tweets.

  5. Far from going away, this seems to be spinning, or is that winding, up nicely; not least by the good Lord himself.

    He has taken to tut-tutting that he has not had an answer from Mr. Neil.

    In a BBC sense this could be viewed as ironic, but as it is AN I err on 'why would/should he?'.

    More crucially, no obvious peep from another Lord, namely Hall of the mountain king, the actual recipient of the ermine to ermine missive.

    So I await his reply with eager anticipation.

    All in all a good war.


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