Sunday 3 March 2019

Boo bloody hoo

Tom Watson is aligning himself with Mohammed Shafiq now. They are both imploring YouTube to complete Tommy Robinson’s banishment from social media. How peculiar.

The fact that extremist Jew-haters and would-be Jew-exterminators like Hamas and Co are free to rant all over the www is rarely considered (either in comparison to Tommy Robinson or indeed in comparison to “British values”.)

Of all the crocodile tears coming from the Labour Party about antisemitism through people like Watson and Barry Gardiner, this ban Tommy business is an appallingly hypocritical manifestation of "anti-racist" virtue signalling. 

Actually, shedding tears seem to be trending. Have you noticed? MPs seem to think making speeches with sobs in their voices makes them look  ‘human’ and sincere. In my opinion, it does the opposite. (Did you spot Jess Phillips suppressing the sobs over poverty?)

I think Sky won this morning’s political TV. I’m not much of a fan of Sophy Ridge - she seems to be out of her depth - but the line-up on her programme was better than Andrew Marr’s this morning.

Look at her interview with John McDonnell. He has mastered the art of smooth-talking. He didn’t  burst into tears, but he did manage to put on a convincing show of contrition over his party’s “antisemitism problem”.

“Yes, we must root it out. Yes, we haven’t dealt with it quickly enough.” As evidence that they're dealing with the problem, he has cited a problematic Momentum video, which sets out the ‘memes’  and ‘tropes’ one has to look out for in order for those, like Naz Shah, who need help to recognise what antisemitism is. It's Nazi stuff, and it comes from the far right. 

Mustn’t allude to the antisemitism that stems from the Muslim community. Oh no. Because the community the Labour Party has to keep onside is, let’s not beat about the bush, inherently antisemitic. Tom Watson has to pretend not to notice that.  He has to if he wants to stay in employment. Is Tom Watson stupid enough not to see that this cognitive dissonance of his looks like hypocrisy and opportunism?

Of course, none of the MSM would dare to raise this; I doubt if Andrew Marr would handle it any better.


  1. Tom knows the BBC will provide cover by never, ever examining Islam's authoritative scriptures and he knows May's government will help by getting the social media companies to destroy any websites or platforms that give an honest account of them. Of course, he doesn't seem that bright or inquisitive so I suppose it is possible he's never looked into the matter himself and prefers to remain in a state of ignorance.

  2. My record with hyperlinks renders the attempt worthless, but Tom, Dave and some Harry somewhere are making a righ... left Horlix of taking over and boy does the BBC know it; hence some massive BBC Trending stories being deep sixed big time. But maybe a letter to Tony which, as Adonis and Surlenny know, works wonders...

  3. using pointy less than more than brackets, rather than normal brackets.
    (a href="")link(/a)

  4. Tx, Stew. I'll give this a go.

    Clearly tying to get a URL as part of a nifty headline was not working.


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