Sunday 3 March 2019

Oh Tommy, Tommy!

Tommy Watson

"I’m Tommy Watson from Kidderminster", Labour's deputy leader said to Andrew Marr last weekend. Meanwhile, this weekend Tommy from Kidderminster is trying to get Tommy from Luton banned from YouTube

Maajid Nawaz, for one, is appalled:
I have run out of patience with tech platforms that neglect terrorist, fanatical & paedophilic content online while chasing irrelevant “offensive” opinions or deplatforming legal personas non-grata merely to virtue signal for the elite liberal East & West coast echo chambers. 
These tech platforms neglect jihadist terrorists & paedophilic content. Hamas, Hizbollah, other terrorists & pedophile rings still operate online. [To Tommy Watson, Labour's deputy leader:] Your own party objected to a UK ban on Hizbollah. Meanwhile, you’re busy deplatforming legal personas non-grata —> 1st world problems.
Meanwhile, here's a 'conspiratorial thought' from a lady I follow on Twitter:


  1. Maybe someone has recently used BBC expenses to take Tom Watson out for drinks ?

  2. see Watson's tweet

    1. BTW he spelled the Google CEO's surname wrongly

      See this thread

    2. So he did! Brian's on his case on several fronts I see.

  3. 10am Labour & Tom Watson are in the news
    \\ Jewish group may split from Labour amid growing row over antisemitism
    Peter Mason, national secretary of the Jewish Labour Movement, says members are considering whether to end a 99-year affiliation //
    \\ Peter Mason, national secretary of the Jewish Labour Movement, told Sky News the group is looking at ending its 99-year affiliation with the party over a lack of action.

    It follows the latest development in the row over the party’s alleged failure to address antisemitism, with Labour’s general secretary writing to MPs to criticise deputy leader *Tom Watson* //

    1. As a matter of principle, I don't support political or trade union groups based on race, religion or gender. That sort of approach can only cause problems. We have a particular problem in the UK now because the idea of equivalence is being applied so that Islamophobia is being promoted by the BBC (Burley and others) as an equivalent of anti-semitism, when of course there is no comparison at all.

      I suspect a lot of people in the UK will be surprised to know that the Labour Party had as one of its sections such a "movement".

  4. @MB Race groups would be wrong
    but cultural groups would be OK
    .. so you could have an Lapp group that includes non-Lapp who are interested in the Lapp customs.
    Judaism is a bit weird cos it straddles both race/culture.
    There are many Labour special cultural practices groups like COOP, and Quakers etc.

  5. A Conservative MP had received a donation from the British Tamil Conservative Association. It was news to me that there was such an Association. Later I came across mention of some funny business with Cameron and the Conservatives over that part of the world. And there was a subsequent incident with freebies for DUP MP Robinson.

    It would be better I think if people just joined the Conservative Party or Labour as individuals instead of forming their own. But the country is awash with identity and pressure groups - as is Parliament with its All Party Parliamentary Groups and Friends of...groups and I see no way out of it.

  6. Look carefully at the words
    Tom Watson says "anti-Islamist" posts are a bad thing

    Isn't it a good thing to be against Islamists ?

    \\ I welcome Facebook's decision to remove Tommy Robinson pages under their "Organised Hate" policy.
    But for far too long
    ... *anti-Islamist* tirades were given a platform by Facebook //
    full tweet


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