Sunday 3 March 2019

"Hardline conservative Christian views"

Another lady I follow on Twitter was thinking what I was thinking on reading a tweet from BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme first thing this morning:

What we both thought was this:

Emily Buchanan's introduction really got the ball rolling:
Emboldened by Donald Trump presidency right-wing religious groups in the US are introducing bills in state legislatures promote hardline conservative Christian views. Last year they published a set of off-the-shelf 'model bills' promoting these right-wing Christian values, and this year one of those 'model bill' known as the 'In God We Trust bill is being introduced in several states in the US. Tara McKelvey has been to a town called Springfield in Missouri Ozarks to find out what's being proposed.
I'll let Fran continue the story:

  • All the click bait words. ‘Right Wing’ ‘hard line Christians’ and horror at opposition to abortion. (Funny how that horror doesn’t extend to the foul details of abortion.)
  • Ah. It’s about the sort of things we take for granted in the UK. Like having Bibles in school, or recognising that Christianity provides core values on which national values are built.
  • So. Hard line Xian values = students praying, reading Bibles etc in schools without being taken to court - as they have been lately in the US.  Militant secularist views re separation of Church & State are highly disputatious. Christians are fighting back. Good. Good! 

All very 'Sunday'.

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  1. Strange that if abortion is just a normal health choice the BBC has never shown in detail an abortion taking place, despite it showing just about everything else from the world of medicine.

    I'm not anti-abortion per se but I am anti-BBC's censorhsip of the reality of abortion.


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