Saturday 30 March 2019

Fair do's

Lucy Manning

As March 29th came and went, the BBC's special correspondent Lucy Manning, attending yesterday's Leave protests outside Parliament, put it well:
Lucy Manning: They wanted it, voted for it, won it, but didn't get it. 
And Laura K put it pretty well too:
Sophie Raworth: Let's go back to Laura. We had been expecting to stand here and be counting down to 11 o'clock tonight, when the UK officially left the European Union. That hasn't happened. Who knows when it will happen? It really is quite a moment. 
Laura Kuenssberg: It is Sophie. 
And, of course, for Theresa May it was a promise that she made to the public, time and time and time again: "We will leave the European Union on the 29th of March". 
That process that she triggered was something then that Parliament itself voted for. 
And of course at the General Election not so long ago, in the long history of Britain's tangled relationships with the EU, both of the main parties committed to leaving, and then in Parliament a huge majority of MPs voted for this to happen. 
And at the very least, wherever blame lies, whoever made all of the different miscalculations, the fact is that Parliament has not been able to deliver to the country something that itself promised would happen. 


  1. There was an unmistakeable party atmosphere from the BBC gals. Friday, pay-day, victory (that is Brexit stalled and possibly avoided) - all rolled into one. There was no real criticism of parliament for letting down the majority, just a jaunty air of 'it is what it is' get over it.'

  2. Oh there definitely was a party atmosphere among the BBC gals yesterday. The trouble with the BBC is that they seem to want to party a little bit too much, demanding a political change of order every eighteen months.

    Is it no wonder that those temporary press and media buildings on Abbey Green have practically become a permanent fixture.
    And what with the U.K becoming so politically unstable these past few years, with our media baying for such regular changes of order, why don't they buy up that little plot of land on Abbey Green and have a full on permanent Salford style media City.

    Who can forget the day of the Brexit result followed by the demise of Cameron, all on the same day. For the BBC gals it was like Summer Holidays and Christmas all in one. Like one big political orgasm.

    But the sad thing is that that big day back in 2016 all came to nothing. And as Arthur pointed out, our BBC gals seemed very nonchalant with this outcome yesterday.
    Perhaps they were thinking along the lines of those great words regularly uttered by the recently departed Windsor Davies who was prone to say "Oh dear, how sad never mind."

    My thanks to Monkey Brains for pointing out yesterday that our Police Force with their somewhat underhand tactics at yesterdays Brexit Demo were scrambling and corrupting the phone signals for people at the Demo (including Danny and Tommy) trying to Live stream their youtube video vlogs.
    I mean, are we becoming like a South American dictatorship?

    And as for Jeremy Corbyn's solution of holding yet another General Election (steady on Laura, Sophie and Emily) well NO that is not the answer. Corbyn is simply thinking of his own ambitions... as do all politicians.

    John....N. London.

  3. Were they being balanced or just rubbing salt in the wound? It's a bit odd for them to balanced on one day and completely biased on the other 800 plus. Like Arthur I detected a party atmosphere not a funeral mood at the death of democracy.


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