Sunday 10 March 2019


Watching The Andrew Marr Show, I was struck by how Andrew introduced David Davis as a "hardcore Brexiteer", and it quickly turned out that I wasn't the only one:
Andrew Marr: So, as we wait for official confirmation of whatever the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has or hasn't brought back from Brussels, the Prime Minister's chances of getting her deal through still hang on the attitudes of Tory hardcore Brexiteers. One of them is David Davis,  former Brexit secretary, who joins us now. David Davis, first of all, what would she need to bring back to bring you over? 
David Davis: I'm not sure I would agree with the characterising of "hardcore Brexiteers", but by the by...
It's good to see pro-Brexit people pushing back against the BBC over this kind of thing. 


  1. Yes, they should push back - but much harder. They should remind the viewer that Andrew Marr was a revolutionary Leninist in his youth, for instance. And that he was editor of the Eurofanatic Independent newspaper. Or that he seemed to have, shall we say Sweeney-Greeny tendencies not so long ago. Or the BBC wants Marr's vast salary to be paid by over 75s.

  2. The HardCore According to Andrew Bent Marr.


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