Saturday 2 March 2019


Yasmin, in mid yab

Ah, Sue did warn me that YAB was going to be on, so I thought I'd give it a miss but, like some hopeless addict, I tuned in to watch Dateline London after all.

YAB (also known as Yasmin Alibhai Brown) has an effect on me, and it's not a pleasant one. And she was certainly on form today. (Oh, the horror!). 

I could write something about the programme as a whole, but I think I'll just leave it to one of the fine citizens of Twitterland to sum it up with this pointed question
Is there a world shortage of people for the BBC to find that are not Trump-bashers, and not Brexit-haters to appear on Dateline London?
And now, to calm me down again after all that hectoring from Yasmin (should we coin a new word for it, like 'yabbing'?), here's a lovely soothing photo of Ribbleshead Station set against the backdrop of Ingleborough:

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