Saturday 9 March 2019

The soft bigotry of low expectations

Pakistan-based journalist and commentator Khadija Khan, an author at the Gatestone Institute, tweeted the following yesterday:
BBC News has chosen the niqab as its "Wardrobe of Rebellion" on  International Womens Day 2019 for us, over countless women of Muslim heritage defying this regressive attire while waving hijab flags to protest compulsory veiling. 
She calls it "the soft bigotry of low expectations",

The BBC News website does indeed include the niqab in this item, featuring a Danish Muslim woman.

British journalist Allison Pearson replied:
Did the BBC really nominate a garment that covers the female face for its International Womens Day 2019? Women are literally risking their lives to cast off the veil. Despairs.
Thank you for pointing this out, Khadija. BBC News is too concerned with virtue signalling to worry about millions of women oppressed by the veil. Sorry.
It's the BBC that should be sorry Allison.

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