Thursday 7 March 2019


Mike Stuchbery (far left) and John Sweeney (ultra right)

We learned this evening that the UK Government's Attorney-General (and part-time Brian Blessed impersonator) Geoffrey Yaxley-Cox wants the famous Tommy Robinson prosecuted again

Meanwhile, BBC Panorama's no-BBCexpenses-spared star reporter John Sweeney was 'snapped' yesterday meeting up in a park with Mike Stuchbery - someone the Guardian calls a journalist but who pro-Tommy types call a provocative far-left activist.

Apparently, their 'secret meeting' was disrupted (presumably by pro-Tommy types).

Mike Yaxley-Stuchbery made the mainstream media headlines this week after Tommy Robinson banged on his door in the middle of the night saying that he'd make public where the journalists persecuting him lived and worked after TR said his family's home had been visited by what amounted to five 'hired goons' (with Mike Yaxley-Stuchbery being closely involved in launching the action).

Tit for tat? Or TR (aka SYL) wholly in the wrong? 

Who knows where we are with this, but one thing is certainly for certain tonight: 

Yes, John Yaxley-Sweeney and BBC's Panorama are still very much after taking Tommy Yaxley-Robinson down. 


  1. The BBC claims they are all about 'the message', (our journalists are all impartial), but they aren't adverse to having a go at the messenger when they don't want to hear the message.

  2. \\ John Yaxley-Sweeney and BBC's Panorama are still very much after taking Tommy Yaxley-Robinson down. //
    ..wonder if some sub-judice rules have kicked in ?

    But I guess John Yaxley-Sweeney and Mike John Yaxley-Stuckbery are probably allowed to do a live broadcast from within the courtroom
    .. since members of the metro-liberal mob are our overlords so and not bound the same rules as we underlings .

    1. Far Left Antifa seem careful not to organise demos outside Courts when TR is being prosecuted/persecuted. I think we can work out why.


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