Saturday 30 March 2019

Interesting choice of words

They have history

Fans of Daniel Sandford, Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC News, might enjoy his tweeted reports from one of the two Westminster pro-Brexit protests yesterday:

  • The music currently being played from the Tommy Robinson/UKIP stage in Whitehall is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody sung by Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara.) I am not sure what TR's policy is on Zoroastrianism.
  • While the Tommy Robinson/UKIP crowd are waiting for their rally to start Tommy Robinson has taken to the stage to play the "Panodrama" online documentary, presented by Tommy Robinson. Yes from his point of view it all appears to be about him today.
  • Tommy Robinson has just been introduced at his/UKIP's rally as "our national hero". The man who called Tommy Robinson "our national hero" is UKIP's Alan Craig.
  • Tommy Robinson now talking about US politics, journalists and comedians he hates, the Syrian bullying case. We seem to have got off the Brexit topic.
  • [Photo of Tommy Robinson]. Red-faced with rage. Losing his voice.
  • The leader of UKIP Gerard Batten takes to the stage (sponsored by Tommy Robinson) to the sound of "The Great Escape".
  • The UKIP leader Gerard Batten is speaking on a Tommy Robinson-sponsored stage in front of a Democratic Football Lads Alliance flag.
  • UKIP's Gerard Batten: "We need now to behead the political class, politically at the ballot box." Interesting choice of words.
  • Protestor who has it in for “CPR”.


  1. Sandford obviously has a problem with TR since TR made such a fool of him in that interview (that was heavily edited for broadcast).

    Sandford takes issue with Batten's call for a political revolution, using a metaphor, but would never dare condemn the very real condoning of violence we have heard from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

    That comment about Zoroastrianism. Does the slow learner Sandford know how it was that Zoroastrianism went from being the dominant religion in Persia (now Iran) to being a tiny sect (the Parsees) in India? It was virtually wiped out by an Islamic Jihad invasion and subsequent harrassment, persecution, murder of its intellectuals and general oppression.

    Not smirking now, are you Sandford?

    1. Whereas Christianity has never, ever been associated with invasions anywhere in the world!


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