Thursday 7 March 2019

Or am I missing something?

Driving to work this morning, the first item item the 7 o'clock news on Today was an interview with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, whose response to the latest fatal stabbings in his city has been to write a joint letter with various Police and Crime Commissioners blaming school exclusions for the rise in attacks - despite Ofsted firmly rubbishing their claim and saying there's no evidence of any such causal connection - and demanding that the Government do something about it.

And, lo and behold, BBC One's News at Six tonight made Mayor Khan & Co's claim their second story.

And BBC education reporter Hannah Richardson has an online report about it too

On hearing the story this morning and especially after watching the report tonight I smelt an unpopular rodent and suspected a political stunt by the Labour mayor and those PCCs (a deflection attempt?). And I suspected the PCC's might all be Labour. 

So, waiting patiently for work to grind to an end, tonight I checked, and yes they are all Labour: David Jamieson, Alan Billings, Keith Hunter, Mark Burns-Williamson, Willy Bach, Vera Baird and Alun Michael

Shouldn't the BBC have made that clear?

Or am I missing something?

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