Tuesday 12 March 2019

"The teenage female Bradford boxer fighting stereotypes"

The BBC is relentless. This is one of the top news stories on the BBC News website this morning:


  1. Well the inner city boxing club is a staple of BBC and ITV regional news...good to see they have found at last managed to tick two very important boxes.

    It's weird though, isn't it? - because on every other front boxing doesn't tick any BBC boxes at all: it's individualistic, dominated by Sky Sports and flouts all health and safety considerations.

    1. As M.B. so rightly mentions, the 6.30pm regional BBC News regularly features stories coming out of London's Boxing clubs. It seems to be their regular hunting ground for their nightly diversity stories.
      In fact if you watch BBC London each night, NO edition will go out unless it DOES feature yet another diversity story.
      It must be in the BBC producer's contract.

      Oh how the BBC are relishing in this weeks BBC project 'We Are Bradford.'

      Interestingly I thought I woke up in Bradford this morning when I popped into my local North London Sainsburys branch when I was greeted by thir new Recruitment poster on the entrance door.
      It featured a close up pictured of a Muslim woman wearing her hijab.
      I mean.... is this what our standard British worker looks like now. Who's doing their advertising? The BBC.

      Here's that recruitment poster below.



    2. Oh I sent that Sainsbury Recruitment picture to a friend in The U.S.
      They said that it simply wouldn't be allowed over there.

      John..... N.London.

  2. I know there's been numerous similar stories about black female boxers, and I'm fairly sure the muslim female boxer story has had previous outings too.

    Next up must be features on the bravery of burka and niquab wearing female boxers ...

  3. Wow I don’t expect every Sainsbury’s advert to be 85% white, but they should generally be proportionate.
    This one isn’t
    Headline photo : big photo of hijabbed Muslim woman
    Large footer photos
    : black woman’s face
    : brown man’s face
    : black man’s face
    Other photos feature smaller shots of people working
    : white women : just face of one visible, & back of a blond’s head
    : white men : 2 faces and one back of head visible
    + one tanned guys face

    I tweeted the header image

    1. Thanks Stew. I was chuffed to see the Sainsbury picture up on Twitter.

      John.... N.London.


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