Monday 11 March 2019

Politics Live


  1. Never take on a dead-eyed zombie in a staring competition would be advice to Mark Francois.

  2. Aaron Bastani (Novara Media): This isn't politics. It's part of a long shift in the British media towards something between Jeremy Kyle and Fox News. #Politics Live

    Rob Burley (BBC): The vast majority of today's Politics Live and the show generally is constructive in tone. Sometimes feelings run high as happened with Michelle & Paul today & with Self/Francois last week. To pronounce a pompous opinion on the basis of a couple of shows is silly, if not surprising.

    (Cue Vic & Bob's handbags).

    1. So Burley's guest, Mr Finkelstein was pronouncing a pompous opinion then.

  3. Rob on the defensive again?

    But pompous pronouncing on what is 'silly' cranks the irony meter to 11.

  4. I watched the strange caricature that is that is Paul Mason’s persona on Politics Live today. “You supply me with no evidence” must come straight out of How to Defeat your Opponent’s Argument for Dummies Chapter one. What did he expect her to do, suddenly produce a box file out of nowhere on live television? Mason is an absurd figure, but at what point does someone who is merely ridiculous become something rather more sinister.

  5. Paul inadvertently dumped a cart load of #precedent on his ex-colleagues with that gem.

    Nick Robbo can barely function without 'sources who say'.

    I have learned.


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