Sunday 3 March 2019

How in any way is that acceptable?

It was BBC man-of-the-moment Quentin Sommerville who got the 'scoop' today, interviewing Dutch paedophile Yago Riedijk.

(Quentin merely described him  as a "Dutch extremist").

Mr. Riedijk turned Muslim some time back and went off to fight for the genocidal Islamic death cult known as IS, and is best known as the ISIS groom who married comfortable-with-seeing-lots-of-heads-in-baskets jihadette Shemima Begum. 

Some, on Twitter, are pleading with Quentin and the BBC to stop giving such people the oxygen of publicity, but a scoop's a scoop. 

And Quentin did ask him about how he could justifying marrying a 15-year-old girl while he was aged 23. To be honest, I wasn't really interested, but she was, and she chose to marry and then I chose to marry her, he said.

And then he had three children with her.


And this paedophile's plea is STILL leading the BBC News website:


  1. Yes, but then he would probably describe Geert Wilders, the democratically elected politician who has to live under 24/7 police protection, as "an extremist".

  2. He's 27 and probably believes, the Islamist way that a girl becomes a woman after puberty and therefore can be married.
    That to me is not the same as someone who is sexuality attracted to children.

    To me a moral relationship is when both parties have equal power so 27 vs 15 is not acceptable.

    1. What about the 'prophet' who 'married' someone and became sexually active with her (raped her) before she reached puberty? Wouldn't that feed into the 'Islamic way'?

  3. Why are they interviewing him and giving him such prominent airtime? Still lead story on BBC.

  4. Arne - clearly a story that resonates around the cubicle gardens of the BBC.

    Maybe this young stud is 'dreamy' around the baked spud microwave?


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