Sunday 3 March 2019

Kiss Me Kate

I agree with Ms. Hoey:


  1. I was thinking about the "hardliner" label. My hunch is it came from the Communist movement originally and was applied to those who wanted the Party to follow a "hard" line. From there I reckon it got applied to trade union leaders in industrial disputes in the 1960s, the hardliners often being Communist. After the 60s it got applied in Northern Ireland, with hardline Republicans and hardline Loyalists...Which brings us up to the current era. The phrase "hardliner" has I think through its Northern Ireland associations become a media synonym for "people who aren't reasonable and oppose the peace process and are often prepared to use violence".

    Transferring its use to pro-Leave politicians was I think a deliberate ploy, because it would carry with it all those associations. Remember, Sweeney tried to associate Farage with violence against migrants. Countless "Thought for the Day" contributors have made it sound like Leavers are haters out to cause division and trouble.

    The "hardliner" blood libel should stop.

  2. first used in Britain in 1958
    \\ Words used to describe someone who is stubborn and narrow-minded //

    Is it a pejorative ? Yes
    It is the fallacy of the middle ground
    Trying to make you think middle is always best, when actually that's not true.

    1. If your bus stalls on a level crossing the extremists want you to drive forward or backwards. Best be a moderate and 'remain' where you are!

    2. I think the Collins usage graph rather supports by intuitive sketch of the word's history...(you have to scroll down a bit)

  3. Others are agreeing with Kate Hoey:

    Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Indeed. MPs who simply want to honour the 2016 referendum result are routinely referred to as “hardliners”, “extremists” or “die hards”. A more accurate word would be “democrats”."

    Media Guido: "People are getting irritated with broadcasters using loaded language e.g. "hardliners". How is Jacob more of a hardliner than Chuka? Chuka is so hardline he left his party over Brexit and wants to reverse the referendum vote."

  4. Has Rob replied? Or is this yet another instance when he feels silence is the better part of editorial integrity?

    I notice over at Sky Adam Boulton is also fighting the good fight. And losing every time.


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