Saturday 9 March 2019

Regular hand-wringing

Tapir & chips?

That From Our Own Correspondent Stephen Sackur piece on "vain, shameless, dog-whistling" Viktor Orban was immediately followed by Kate Adie saying:
To the other side of the world and another powerful populist leader, and another man who provokes regular hand-wringing among liberal politicians and journalists. Jair Bolsonaro's homophobic and misogynistic comments have helped make him a deeply divisive figure, though he was the clear winner in Brazil's presidential election last year. He's been criticised for remarks about the country's indigenous populations who he suggested are in the way of mining and agriculture.
Was Kate classing herself, Mr Sackur and her other BBC colleagues as "hand-wringing liberal journalists" there? (Or doesn't she do irony?) 

At least the piece that followed was by Tim Whewell, who was less interested in point-scoring and more interested in telling a story. He couldn't entirely hide the fact that his indigenous friend's taste for tapirs and jaguars wasn't quite what he wanting to hear. 


  1. Craig please note the title of the prog has changed
    The new title is
    : Virtue Signalling From Our Own Correspondent

    FFS ..did you hear Thursday's edition :
    that utter travesty from Mike Yaxley-Wendling where he appeared to get the "Proudboys vs Antifa " story, completely upside down ..Pure #projection

    1. Does Mike Yaxley-Wendling ever do ANYTHING other than report about the alt-right? I know he's got a book to plug, but surely he can write about other things from time to time.


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