Sunday 17 March 2019

Don't mention it

Shall we mention Shami Chakrabarti now? Andrew Marr completely forgot to mention antisemitism. It must have just slipped his mind. 
At first Shami did that eyes-to-the-sky thing that Diane Abbott does. It’s her ‘thinking’ expression. They’re waiting for inspiration from above. But she soon settled in and got into her stride. 

I didn’t see the Newsnight that caused the controversy, so here it is in case you didn’t see it either.

Oh. I now see that the offending passage was the contribution from the leader of “Generation Identity”.

This person was declaring his group’s fundamental opposition to the use of violence at all times and in all circumstances, as well as its opposition to Islam, which they believe is incompatible with western countries.
I daresay they’re antisemitic as well, I don’t know. Didn’t the terrorist say his role-model was Oswald Moseley?

Perhaps it was mainly the insensitivity of the particular timing of Newsnight’s airing, “the same day as the atrocity” but these are the views that Shami and her co-Islamophiles think should be no-platformed.

I did see Jeremy Corbyn on the Sophy Ridge programme.  My mind had drifted off, but my ears pricked up when I caught him uttering the phrase “5 Pillarz”. He wasn’t advertising that particular website though  - it was the name he’s given to some new fangled Labour policy related to Brexit.


  1. These are dark, dark times. When the ex-leader of Liberty can openly campaign for free speech to be completely abolished, you know things are moving in the wrong direction. When Cameron's favourite Warsi feels free to fire off hate-filled ad hominems against Melanie Phillips, we know things are sliding away.

    Free speech is a principle not a pick and choose menu.

    There was a time, only a few years ago, when the historical realities of Islam and its founder's life and actions could be discussed fairly openly on TV, radio and in public. This is really no longer possible. To that extent we are already living in a post free speech society, with all that entails.

  2. I am amazed, in the light of recent events by Chakrabarti’s shamelessness. Why aren’t the BBC taking her to task over her whitewash of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and the corrupt chain of events that culminated in a seat in the House of Lords for services rendered?

    1. Because she's "one of theirs."

      Imagine if the Tories asked a respectable conservative figure, say, Charles Moore, to investigate "Islamophobia" in their party and he came to the conclusion that everything was just hunky dory, then was promptly given a peerage.

      The BBC would never let the story go and would seek to undermine him at every opportunity.

      Meanwhile this awful person is a staple of their current affairs output and never challenged on her whitewash "report". Disgraceful.

    2. "Why aren’t the BBC taking her to task over her whitewash of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party"
      .. I guess that was precondition that she said she would only come on if that was not talked about.

    3. The question was rhetorical, but I enjoyed your comments!

  3. The Chakrabartis seem as influential as they are pervasive.

    I note a male one appears to be the one behind OCD's remarkable* soar into the spotlight, if her strays from his script appear to be making this moment short lived.

    *Other easy-on-the-eye moppets are available. Apparently.


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