Saturday 14 November 2020

Experts now fear...


Talking of the omnipresent Marianna Spring, she was also on BBC One's lunchtime news today. 

The BBC has now declared Georgia for Joe Biden and Marianna was on hand to hammer home the central message about how badly President Trump (aka "Trump") is behaving and how something needs to be done to stop the dangerous disinformation being put out by the President and his #StoptheSteal supporters:

  • "Experts now fear that online disinformation is undermining faith in democracy for millions in the United States."
  • "The experts are worried about its imminent and lasting impact."
  • "One worry going forwards is that this online movement could provoke unrest, as disinformation risks seriously undermining the faith of millions in democracy."
It looks as if "the experts" are back - though who needs them when we've got Marianna and the BBC?

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