Wednesday 25 November 2020

Going for Bronze

The BBC News Press Team is busy today: 
BBC News Press Team: The BBC has come in joint 3rd place in The 2020 EU Media Poll! 🥉The poll by  BCW Brussels &  SavantaComRes surveyed EU decision makers on the most influential media for providing the news and information needed to make informed decisions.
You'll be pleased to know that the BBC shares joint 3rd place with the pro-EU Economist, though both are beaten by the pro-EU Financial Times

I'm not sure quite what it is about the pro-EU Financial Times and the pro-EU Economist that so endears them to EU decision makers, but it's probably the same thing that endears the BBC to them too. 

Whatever it is, it's good to know that the BBC is held in such high esteem by the EU's movers and shakers and that they value it for is its ability to allow us all to make "informed decisions" - informed-by-the-BBC-decisions - on EU matters.

Were I at the BBC and concerned about preserving a reputation for impartiality against well-founded charges of pro-EU bias however, I'm not sure I'd have quite so proudly touted this award. 

They surely needed a Sergeant Wilson to say, "Do you think that's wise, sir?"

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