Saturday 28 November 2020

"Oh, I could spend my life having this conversation - look - please try to understand before one of us dies"

John Cleese, thinking about BBC executives

John Otto Cleese is displeased with the BBC's pandering to 'wokes':

I hear the BBC has apologised for a joke made in 2014. [Actually 2009]. I would like to apologise for the BBC in 2020. The executives are a craven clique of humorless jobsworths, none of whom are worth their salaries.

The irony about the occasion when the BBC withdrew the 'Germans' episode, was that no one was concerned about whether the Germans were offended! Why not? Presumably because people think of Germans as proper grown-ups who can take a joke. And, in fact, they love that episode. [Didn't the BBC actually withdraw it because of certain words used by the Major?]

So when wokes protest about humour involving certain groups, presumably it's because wokes don't regard these groups as grown-ups who can take a joke. Which seems to me to be very condescending. Perhaps the only people who really can't take a joke are the woke folk.

So if the wokes would like to provide us all with a comprehensive list of these frail people who require the wokes to protect them, I hereby undertake never to make jokes about the poor creatures again.

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