Friday, 27 November 2020

Bottom of the League

This is the chart in Ofcom's latest annual report on the BBC that looks at public perceptions of impartiality, as highlighted by Broadcast:

The BBC is fond of cherry-picking opinion surveys when it comes to impartiality. They use them to defend themselves against criticism. But this one shows the BBC in 2019/20 as falling below Sky News, Channel 4 News, ITV and even Channel 5 when it comes to impartiality:

'Is impartial'
Sky News - 69%
Channel 4 News - 66%
ITV - 63%
Channel 5 - 61%
BBC TV - 58%

All of those figures might surprise you - they certainly surprised me, in that I wouldn't rate any of them as being that high on the impartiality front - but for the BBC to be bottom of the league, and behind Channel 5, must surely come as a heavy blow to the BBC.

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