Tuesday 24 November 2020

More of the same

Both News-watch and us here at ITBB have been watching the watchers for a while. 

It's the same old song.

There's former BBC World Service boss, editor of Panorama, Newsnight and the BBC's elections coverage Peter Horrocks for starters - a very familiar name to BBC watchers. 

Then there's former Controller of BBC2 and BBC4 Kim Shillinglaw. 

And Dekan Apajee, who worked for the BBC from 2002-2012.

And Rachel Coldicutt, who has been "working at the cutting edge of new technology" for the BBC among others.

The two others, Anna-Sophie Harling and Tobin Ireland, don't appear to have any BBC connections.

I bet the BBC is intensely relaxed about these latest appointments.

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