Friday 17 September 2021


The BBC's angle on Aukus this morning...

  • Funny that the story mentions only China and France but the headline suggests it is entire world. No wonder MSM is losing credibility.
  • 2 countries being upset is not "global." They are both on this globe, but that does not make this global. They are on two different continents and timezones, but again, it's not global.
  • BBC, which side are you on? There is no GLOBAL BACKLASH?? Do you side with CHINA?
  • There is NO backlash global. 

Update -  The political editor of The Sun isn't impressed:
Harry Cole: Some of the BBC headlines in the last 24 hours have made you double check which state broadcaster you are reading/watching. New pact endlessly reported through the prism of China’s hypothetical reaction rather than why it is needed.

Nor is Col. Richard Kemp: 

Richard KempIn so much U.K. and US media any positive move by our countries in defence of our national interests is slanted against us by default.

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