Sunday 12 December 2021

Another twist in the Martin Bashir scandal

In another extraordinary twist, Martin Bashir has u-turned and written an apologetic letter to the mother of murdered nine-year-old school girl Karen Hadaway admitting that he lost her daughter's clothes. 

He's spent 17 years claiming he couldn't remember doing so and even in May this year was still saying, ‘I may have lost it but I don’t remember.’ 

Ms Hadaway called his apology ‘utter nonsense’ and ‘too little, too late’, adding: 
When I met him, my husband had just had a breakdown and been in hospital for seven weeks – completely broken because he couldn’t do anything about his little girl’s killer. The BBC was our last hope. We’d been let down by everyone. Bashir spent hours with me, we met twice – how could he have forgotten me? When he pretended he never met me, I felt more powerless than ever. My husband died not long after of a heart attack. His heart was broken, literally.
The Mail on Sunday reports that Ms Hadaway is now taking legal advice and is considering pursuing the BBC for compensation.

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